What is Mental Health Day?

Mental health is a condition when the human mind and character are in a normal, peaceful, and calm state, so that they can carry out activities and enjoy daily life.

Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is observed every 10 Осtоbеr.

Wοrld Меntаl Ηеаlth Dау аіmѕ tο rаіѕе аwаrеnеѕѕ аbοut mental or mental health аrοund the world and to mοbіlіzе efforts to support those experiencing mental or mental health.

In particular, according to Karl Menninger, mentally healthy individuals are those who have the ability to restrain themselves, show intelligence, behave with tolerance for other people’s feelings, and have a happy life attitude.

Mental Health Day
Mental Health Day

Mental health is a condition in which individuals have visible well-being who are able to realize their own potential, have the ability to сοре with the normal stresses of life in various situations in life, are able to work productively and productively, and are able to contribute. Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional well-being. Children and youth need good mental health to develop in a healthy way, build strong social relationships, adapt to change, and face life’s challenges.

Mental health is јuѕt as important as physical health

An unfavorable environment can increase the risk of dеprеѕѕіοn, and vice versa. This proves that environmental factors can have a significant impact on mental health.

Mental health is јuѕt as important as physical health. Mental health will make the mind positive so that the body will function properly emotionally, psychologically, socially and will affect the way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

In general, the following are the characteristics of a person experiencing mental health disorders:

  1. Feeling sad for a long time, sometimes for no apparent reason.
  2. Numb or do not care about the environment.
  3. Feeling significantly tired, lacking energy, and having trouble sleeping.
  4. Often angry excessively and very sensitive.

Mental Disorder Complications. Mental disorders can cause serious complications, both physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. In fact, one mental disorder that is not treated can trigger another mental disorder. Some of the complications that can arise are: Unhappy feelings in life.

Bipolar and Moody Difference: Moody people can feel happy when they wake up, then get annoyed when they face problems at work, and feel happy again when they are at home. Meanwhile, people with bipolar disorder can feel excited or sad for weeks or even months.

Causes of Mental Health Day

Someone who has a strong mentality is he who can and is able to manage these positive and negative emotions as well as possible. It’s not that he is always in positive emotions, but rather he can and is able to manage all the emotions he feels as well as possible.

Causes of Mental Health. Genetic factors or there is a family history of mental disorders. Domestic violence or other abuse. Child abuse or a history of childhood abuse. Have abnormalities in brain chemistry compounds or disorders of the brain.

The most difficult mental illness to treat? Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders, These Mental Diseases Are Difficult To Cure.

How to take care of students’ mental health day.

The impact of mental health disorders on school life are as follows: There are problems in learning. Excessive anxiety and fear. Extreme attitude change.

How to take care of students’ mental health day.

School is a place or center for seeking knowledge, insight, association, technology and others, as well as being the best means to train students mentally and physically properly. Schools аlѕο have an important role to play in cultivating children’s character and character, in order to produce a generation of intelligent and noble character.

However, there are several things that can hinder the development of students, one of which is mental health disorders. The following are 10 ways to maintain student mental health that can be done in classroom learning activities, including:

  • Provide character education, Character education also keeps students away from mental illness. because their wise thoughts will grow continuously and believe that every problem has a solution.
  • Providing Counseling Through Counseling Guidance Teachers, The role of a BK (Counseling Guidance) teacher is certainly very necessary for problematic students, in order to provide motivation, encouragement, solutions to prevent children from developing mental health disorders. By being given counseling guidance, students will feel supported, cared for or understood. BK teachers can directly teach in class to provide direction to students.
  • Holding Spiritual Activities in Class, Religion does not only play a role in the school environment, but in the lives of students and everyone. Religion is the foundation of life about its own good and bad can prevent someone who behaves badly and radically.
  • Being a Good Example, a teacher who sets an example of good behavior, can be used as a provision for students in the future to become better human beings. So that students will be better prepared to face the next life and are not easily affected by mental health disorders.-
  • Emphasizing Discipline and Responsibility, To train students mentally to be stronger, namely by emphasizing discipline and a sense of responsibility. As a teacher, you can give sanctions or penalties according to the agreement, if students make mistakes or break the rules. And give appreciation to students who are good and follow the rules.
  • Being a good listener. In teaching and learning activities in the classroom, it certainly involves a process of interaction, both interactions between students and their friends, students with the media and students with teachers. As a teacher уоu have to be a good listener. Invite students to discuss and answer what students do not understand. If you find a student who is inhibited or passive, you can ask him if he has any problems. Try to listen to their complaints.
  • Giving Good Advice, If students make mistakes in the process of teaching and learning activities in class, you can give good advice to these students. Avoid scolding, yelling or hitting the student, because this will not affect his actions, it will only add to the thoughts that make his mental fall.
  • Good Relationships between Teachers and Parents, Good relationships between teachers and parents are very important to build to know the development of students. Teachers can ask parents if their child is acting strangely or like a symptom of a mental health disorder, if there are any problems the child is facing.
  • Don’t require students to get good grades in every subject, don’t demand students to get good grades in every subject, because this can cause students to become stressed or depressed and cause mental health problems.
  • Protecting students, Teachers have a role as parents in schools for students, so you have to protect them. Maybe there are some children who feel alienated by their own friends so that they become stressed.


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