What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is a product of protection for policyholders from various health risks or threatening diseases. Keep reading this blog!

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a tуpе of insurance prοduсt that specifically covers the health or treatment costs of the members of the insurance if they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking, there are two types of treatment offered by insurance companies, namely inpatient and outpatient.

Pedro de Santarém was the first to print literacy on insurance matters in 1552. This record was further developed until the end of the Renaissance in Europe.

Medical Insurance
                        Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a type of insurance protection that covers medical, surgical, drug, and similar costs for the insured or policy holder. This insurance can cover medical expenses due to illness or injury, as well as pay for medical treatment costs directly.

The first cause of a rejected insurance claim is because you have not met the requirements. Even if you feel that you have prepared the requirements, there may be some things that can make your claim rejected. For example, a death certificate is left behind, thus preventing the insurance company from processing your application.

One thing to consider when we have an medical insurance

One thing to consider when we have an medical insurance policy is when the premium payment is due. Because if we forget or miss paying our insurance premiums, the insurance policy can lapse or not be active again. With the lapse status, the protection will stop.

One of the first important mеаnіngѕ of insurance is that it can prevent individual losses due to unforeseen events, such as accidents, fires, to falling ill that force a person to be hospitalized intensively. This incident can cause a person to experience great losses.

The conditions for valid insurance are:
1) There is an agreement between the parties to the agreement.
2) The existence of the ability to do from the parties.
3) There are certain things.
4) There is a permissible cause.

Maintaining health and fitness is very important. This is because having a healthy and fit body can prevent the body from getting sick so that we can continue to carry out daily activities.
Health is a state of complete physical, mеntаl and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity.

Bloom states that there are 4 factors that affect health status in a row, namely:
1) lifestyle (life style);
2) environment (social, economic, political, cultural);
3) health services; and
4) genetic factors (heredity).

Healthy Life is a life

The goal to be achieved from health education is that students can apply Clean and Healthy Life Behavior in schools. In addition, they are also expected to have skills in carrying out matters relating to maintenance, assistance, and health care.
Healthy Life is a life that is free from all spiritual (mental) or physical (physical) problems. Healthy living can be interpreted as someone who lives physically and psychologically healthy without any health problems at all.

How important is health insurance?
Having health insurance and detecting early diseases that will appear are the main things you must do. Thus, you will get maximum treatment and protect your family’s financial condition and avoid economic problems due to illness.

Health insurance is important in health financing because health insurance can provide peace of mind and minimize financial risk by protecting our savings when we have to make large payments to health care providers when hospitalized. Medical expenses incurred can be paid using a health insurance claim.

In addition to reducing the risk of exploding hospital costs, health insurance will also provide you with quality medical services and care so you don’t have to worry about receiving care services provided by the hospital and your insurance company.

How does medical insurance work?

How does medical insurance work? Medical insurance works by protecting your finances from health risks that may occur during the term of the policy. In other words, when you are sick, you transfer the financial risk to the insurer instead of bearing it yourself.

Is insurance able to reduce the number of losses from a risk?
Insurance cannot stop the risks that may befall you or your family and assets. However, this type of service is able to reduce or reduce the impact of losses arising from a risk.

Aspects to Consider In Choosing Personal Accident Insurance:
1) Choose an insurance policy according to your needs
2) Company reputation
3) Fast and accurate claim service
4) Benefits provided

Tips for Choosing Insurance for Beginners to Pay Attention to, namely:
1) View the Insurance Company’s Track Record.
2) Choosing Insurance Premiums According to Financial Ability.
3) Don’t Delay Buying Insurance.
4) Insurance Products That Fit Your Needs.

Who raises funds for health financing?
Other sources of health financing can come from donations and grants from non-governmental organizations as well as loans from the international community. The agencies/agencies that collect these funds can come from various forms including: Central, Provincial and Regency/City Governments. Public Independent Body.

Difference between health insurance and accident insurance?

Difference between health insurance and accident insurance?
Health insurance provides coverage to the insured even if the accident did not occur at work or on the way to work. Accident insurance also provides coverage for care caused by an accident. This is where the difference with health insurance.

Some people are reluctant to take insurance because they have to spend this “scorched money“. This forfeited money is considered a “loss”. However, if a risk such as an accident occurs, the insurance company will pay a claim with a value that can be greater than the premium, for example 10 million.

What if when buying insurance and in the middle of the road before the contract is completed then feel that you no longer need the insurance?
If you feel that you no longer need an insurance policy and decide to terminate your ownership halfway before the contract expires, what will happen to your premiums? The answer is that you will still receive a refund of the insurance premium as determined by the insurance company.

Is the amount of health insurance coverage limited? Restrictions may occur depending on the type of insurance product you choose. In general, health insurance covers general medical treatment, inpatient compensation, ICU compensation, and death compensation.
Then register your self-insurance to minimize costs in the future and take care of your health always.

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