Half-Dozen Things To Honey Nearly Japan

There are many things to love nigh Nippon. From the beautiful temples and castles to the bustling cities like Tokyo or Osaka. Hye Jin, shares half dozen things she loves well-nigh Nihon.

This is a guest postal service from Hye Jin, the possessor too blogger behind Wander amongst Jin. Her weblog is all well-nigh Korea – by and large travel guides, life experiences, in addition to also every bit Korean drama filming locations. She’sec a mom as well as a office-fourth dimension multicultural educator educational activity Filipino civilisation to children. Connect with Hye Jin on her Instagram or Facebook.

When I was immature, I am fonder of Nihon than other countries. Did y’all know that I’ve heard more about Japan than Korea? That’s why I’ve been dreaming to see Nihon, trying their famous tempura as well as ramen too equally witnessing their beautiful Sakura. Hopefully i twenty-four hour period I am able to see my showtime beloved, Nippon. But for straightaway, I will percentage amongst y’all the things that I beloved virtually this country. Keep reading, Tomodachi!

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I make dearest Korean dramas only I grew upwardly alongside Japanese anime. I nonetheless think Inuyasha – the one-half-Canis familiaris-demon as well as half-man who met a 15-yr-quondam daughter named Kagome. Detective Conan is besides ane of my favorite anime right away, the high school pupil who became a kid when he was forced to have an experimental drug.

I am besides a fan of DragonballZ and tin’t even retrieve like a shot how many times I have seen this anime when I was in the Philippines. There are many on the listing similar One Piece, Naruto, too Hunter X Hunter.

I as well honey Pikachu, the xanthous short, chubby rodent Pokémon which is gaining popularity hither in Korea since the collectible stickers came back afterwards how many years.

Lastly, how tin forget the cute true cat robot Doraemon? I’ve been rushing dwelling house subsequently schoolhouse just to sentry Doraemon too Nobita. This was the cutest animation that I have seen in addition to wished to be friends alongside Doraemon.

Sailor Moon is my number i favorite. If I am non mistaken, I was an simple educatee when this animation was aired inward my state. My classmates and I used to tell those lines “Ako si Sailor Moon tagpagtanggol ng pag-ibig at katarungan, sa ngalan nang kapangyarihan ng buwan, ‘parurusahan kita!” In English language, “In the cite of the moon, I’ll punish y’all.” Along amongst Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura is on my list too.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is on the listing of things to dear nearly Nihon. It is my favorite kawaii material. Way dorsum, I used to collect Hello kitty stuff that looks useful to me. I am plenty with ii to three dolls the residue are pieces of jewelry, notebooks as well as pens, a mouse, a keyboard in addition to mouse pad, in addition to many more. Now, I notwithstanding dear Hello Kitty merely due to adulting I immediately prefer minimalism.

Sakura Festival (Cherry Blossoms)

I’1000 lamentable for my ignorance but the truth is Japan was the starting time land that I accept known that has ruddy blossoms. After my Japanese boss (when I was working as a freelancer) told me that carmine blossoms were inwards bloom, I searched the internet for photos too accept seen how magnificent it was. Especially the sentiment of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto inward carmine blossom flavor. I too wanted to try their Kimono. I find it cute and unique.

After that solar day, I was dreaming too hoped to visit Japan someday. Although Korea has crimson blossoms I however desire to meet how these flowers flower inward Nippon. You don’t desire to miss these things to dear near Nippon.

Tempura together with Ramen

Tempura and Ramen are my favorite Japanese dish. I take tasted just about here simply I mean the gustation as well as authenticity are meliorate in Nihon. Hopefully, one twenty-four hour period I able to visit Nippon in addition to consume my favorite Japanese foods. The place where I am at once is non besides far, it’s simply the schedule, pandemic in addition to budget are the hindrances.

Politeness in addition to Friendliness

politeness too friendliness are Japanese traits I beloved. I used to go every bit a virtual assistant and information encoder for a Japanese society. There was no language barrier at all because my bosses verbalise English good.

Even though they always offering the lowest rate when it comes to payment, they are the nearly considerate and understanding bosses that I’ve worked with inward my entire freelancing days. They besides send gifts on Christmas too bonuses to exhibit how much they appreciate your hard run. Even my concluding boss came to visit the Philippines for a holiday.

Cultural Values

I likewise admire Japanese people amongst their cultural values. They ever pass observe to others. They as well utilise harmony as well as self-evolution in their everyday lives.

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Would y’all see Nippon? What did y’all mean most these things to love almost Nihon?

There are so many things I dear near Japan aside from what I take mentioned to a higher place. Japan has as well many beautiful places that I wanted to run into. I volition reckon this list of places inward Nippon whenever I had the chance to locomote in that location. On height of that, I also wanted to experience their civilisation and traditions. Lastly, the cute kawaii stuff that y’all can exclusively see inwards Nihon.

If you lot also wanted to see Korea, you tin likewise bank check my pinnacle favorite destinations. And if you lot are a showtime-time traveler, here’second a go lead for you.

What can you add together to these things to beloved nearly Nihon?