It’s pointless to take huge biceps if you lot have matchstick legs. Without a balanced lifting regimen, y’all’ll look cartoonish.

Sculpt a proportioned class amongst this full-body workout from Craig Ballantyne, C.due south.C.S. Do these moves 3 days a week, resting at to the lowest degree a 24-hour interval betwixt, to make a balanced upper body without neglecting your legs.

Warm up amongst the kickoff motion using lx per centum of the total weight yous tin elevator eighttimes. Then do ii sets of viii repetitions amongst a weight you tin elevator 10 times with perfect form, resting 1 infinitesimal between sets.

Do the 2d in addition to tertiary exercises every bit a superset–ane later on the other, alongside no relaxation betwixt. Perform viii repetitions of each amongst a weight that allows yous to do all of your repetitions with perfect form, together with ease 45 seconds later each superset. Repeat the superset twice, using lighter weights for the 2nd too third sets.


Day 1: Squat over a barbell with your feet wider than shoulder width together with your toes pointed out at most 45 degrees. Grab the bar overhand with your hands inside your knees, shoulders over the bar, arms straight, too back direct. Push alongside your heels together with stand upwards, keeping the bar inwards contact with your body. Finish standing upright amongst your shoulder blades back in addition to downward and your lower back flat. Pause, so easy lower the weight back to the flooring.

Day 2: Same equally Day 1, but function a dumbbell, belongings it vertically with both hands nether the peak.

Day 3: Same as Day 1, but lower the weight halfway to the flooring on each repetition.


Day 1: Lie on a apartment bench, property two dumbbells over your breast with an overhand travelling bag and direct arms. Lower the dumbbells until they’re but to your breast. Pause, then press the weights dorsum upward.

Day 2: Same as Day 1, but purpose 10 percentage less weight and prevarication on an incline bench.

Day 3: Same every bit Day 1, but role 25 pct less weight and agree the dumbbells with a neutral traveling bag (palms facing each other). Press 1 dumbbell up, lower it, too and so raise the other, alternating until y’all’ve completed 8 repetitions amongst each arm.


Day 1: Hold a span of dumbbells alongside an underhand suitcase andstand alongside your knees slightly bent. Bend at the hips until your torso is almost parallel to the flooring. Keep your lower back slightly arched. Pull the weights up until they’re even with your lower rib cage. Pause, then return to the starting place.

Day 2: Same equally Day 1, but use an overhand grip in addition to sit down on an incline bench hence your breast is against the pad. Keep your elbows flared out every bit y’all perform the row.

Day 3: Same equally Day 1, butuse a neutral suitcase in addition to curve forwards exclusively almost thirty degrees.

Liesa Goins is a senior editor at Women’s Health magazine.