Bodygoals By Kady – Fitness Plan Review


I have had my optic on the Bodygoals past Kady fitness plan/app for a piece but have got been position off the price until I saw it was discounted a couplet of weeks ago, therefore decided to purchase one of the 8 week plans as well as attempt it out. I hold also plant that in that location’s non many reviews for it thus idea I’d write my own!

Cost – The App itself is complimentary, but to access anything you lot hold to purchase a plan which are commonly £29.99 for 8 weeks (this works out to live £3.75 per calendar week).There is a bit of a discount if you lot purchase more than i program too occasionally if you lot go on your oculus on social media they do the plans for £xix.99, which is the equivalent of £2.l a calendar week (basically 1 less highly sugary Costa at piece of work, which non drinking, helps towards improving fitness anyway)

What is it? 

Bodygoals past Kady is an App which allows yous to purchase her 8 calendar week fitness plans; HIIT Plan, Glutes Guide and Abs Blast. The glutes in addition to abs guides aredesigned to target specific areas of your trunk piece the HIIT, or high-intensity interval grooming is designed equally a general fitness and weight loss programme. This is the second fitness related service Kady has offered equally she originally started the Kady’s Bikini plan a distich of years ago, I’m non quite certain what happened to this, just seemed to disappear, she urged people to cancel subscriptions together with and then announced the Bodygoals App.


As I had been looking for a full general fitness plan I went for the HIIT plan, I should add here that I don’t similar gyms. They make me uncomfortable in addition to I much prefer working out inwards the comfort of my own dwelling. The one fourth dimension I did join a gym I discovered that it would live cheaper for me to purchase somebasic equipment as well as workout at habitation, I didn’t really get a lot out of it!

The HIIT Plan – on the App

High-intensity interval preparation is when you lot workout in intense bursts followed past brusk recovery periods. Its supposed to proceed your centre charge per unit high so you lot fire more fatty in a shorter flow of time compared to normal cardio exercises. The exclusively extra recommend equipment is a pace board.

Below is a screenshot from the chief page once you hold selected your program,request y’all to pick out the solar day you lot desire to do, thus if you missy ane it doesn’t skip ahead. This is handy as you can browse the days too if you lot tin can’t do the exercises i 24-hour interval yous tin can easily become dorsum to them.


One thing I’ve yet to work out is the pattern between workouts and residuum days. I assumed it was a workout every other solar day, and this is more often than not the instance. There are a few days when you lot hold two residuum days either side of a workout around twenty-four hour period 8, which I don’t get, and then some other double residual twenty-four hours around20/21. Why this change in the routine I don’t know, I recall I’ll just live doing it every other mean solar day, picking a previous days workout on the double rest days.

At the kickoff of the program its 30 seconds of the exercise, 30 seconds off, 3 sets which a 1 minute intermission inward-between. This changes to twoscore seconds with a 20 2nd residual nigh halfway through the programme. The final mean solar day is nevertheless the twoscore on, 20 off, 3 sets. However…the number of exercises increases, y’all start off with 4 and work it upwardly to 10 on thelast mean solar day! So it does acquire harder as yous go farther!

Below is some other screenshot for twenty-four hours one every bit an example of the workouts:



The App also allows you lot to input your measurements into the My Bio department. This then allows you to compare your measurements every bit yous get. Note; none of these are weight, its simply near torso size, which is a nice way of tracking change inwards your torso rather than purely staring at a fix of scales.

How have got I been getting on?

I am currently on twenty-four hours thirteen of the HIIT programme in addition to I am enjoying it! I can definitely experience the fire later on doing a workout, thence far mainly inwards my thighs as well as glutes, thence its doing something! I don’t look massive jumps inwards my fitness later a pocket-sized number of days but I am looking forrard to seeing the terminate results, and I’ll and so hold to keep upwards the exercise to maintain results!

Bodygoals Website

Honestly, I’k non sure whythere is a website, unfortunately at that place isn’t a lot on it. The web log was concluding updated on 21st January and the recipes page leads you lot to a link to pay £iii.99 for 10 fruit smoothie recipes. I was excited when I first off came across the recipes page equally on the Bikini plan at that place was a fantastic reach of recipes for all meal types in addition to it was also worked into a full meal program with the exercise routines. It’s a shame this is no longer possible every bit actually exercise together with adept nutrient go mitt-inwards-paw.


For £nineteen.99 for 8 weeks I tin’t complain too much, its cheaper than a normal gym at least! All of the exercises are proficient therefore I tin can’t complain that in that location’s any missing exercise content for a HIIT program but I remember the app could be meliorate. I like to live able to track when I’ve done exercise which yous tin’t do on the app…would be nice to have got a footling tick box to enjoin which days you’ve completed! I also find that sometimes when I open the app it takes me dorsum to day 1 so I haveto and so endeavor in addition to find which mean solar day I should live on. I’d also prefer the video exercises to live linked together, it alone really shows you how to do the exercises, I’ve had other plans inwards which you lot have a 20min video that takes you lot through the whole of the workout. I approximate a do good with it but existence the instructions is therefore y’all can tailor the length of fourth dimension/repetitions/sets etc, hence perchance that’s what the planners were going for.

Would I recommend it?

So far yeah, I think theapp needs a fleck of piece of work so you lot tin runway what you’ve done (equally mentioned to a higher place) but overall the exercises are practiced in addition to the intensity ramps upwards through the program which is smashing! Price wise? I’thousand not certain, I was happy with the reduced cost, £29.99 does sound a scrap steep, but its less than a personal trainer!

(ps: all images have been screenshot off the App for the use of this review, they are copyrighted to the App owners.)