Fitness Model Chelsea Vaccariello

HI FRIENDS! For those of y’all who don’t know me, my refer is Chelsea Vaccariello too I graduated from Miami University inward 2014 with a Bachelor’s grade inward Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Growing up, I was ever active, involved inward sports, as well as wellness witting, but throughout college I did non live a balanced lifestyle. My primary business organisation was my studies, followed past my ever then demanding social life, which consisted mostly of drinking together with eating any the heck I wanted, i.e.chicken tenders in addition to french fries on the reg, ugh!

Although I made an endeavor to go to the gym (I even worked at that place!) as well as tried to atomic number 82 a salubrious lifestyle, it was difficult to maintain a steady routine because of the pressure that came along amongst existence a xx-something twelvemonth former college student inwards a political party town.

During the summer of 2015, later previously learning nearly wellness andstrength grooming through college courses, I made a commitment to meliorate my health through nutritional eating together with fitness. This same year I created an Instagram alongside thoughts to concur myself accountable as well as part my journey with others!

Fitness model Chelsea Vaccariello

I started alongside at home workouts, migrated to lifting weights in a gym, explored repast prepping, researched andlearned about the body. Throughout this procedure I finally began to meet the changes that I had hoped for inwards my torso, equally good equally a mental transformation that I hadn’t planned on!

I believe there is a fitness solution for EVERYONE! I take coached members inwards a boxing gym, worked every bit a personal trainer for clients inwards a big box gym, too continue to collaborate with clients online. My master intention has ever been, as well as yet is, to assistance others by listening to their needs too helping them reachtheir unique goals!

Fitness model Chelsea Vaccariello

I alive past the philosophy that fitness is a lifestyle. There are no “quick fixes”, no diets, no pills, too definitely no “ane” workout that volition transform your trunk overnight. Whatever your goals may live, I’m a house believer that with the right mindset you CAN as well as WILL achieve them!

My passion inwards life is to part my story as well as give others the tools they involve to live successful inward not alone reaching their fitness goals, but to make afull lifestyle change that targets the body and the heed. I found my happiness through fitness as well as it is my intent to help y’all notice yours likewise!