Everything Nosotros Know Near The Death Of Tyre Nichols, Video From Confrontation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tyre Nichols, 29, died on Jan. 10, 2023, three days after beingness arrested by officers of the Memphis Police Department (MPD).Memphis Police said that Nichols, nearly 6-foot-3 and 145 pounds, according to attorney Ben Crump, was originally pulled over for reckless driving on Jan. seven and ran from officers.

WATCH: What nosotros know virtually death investigation of Tyre Nichols WATCH: What nosotros know most expiry investigation of Tyre Nichols

The law section said that officers had 2 different “confrontations” with Nichols, after which the 29-year-old complained of shortness of breath and was taken to a Memphis hospital.

He died at that place three days after.

An independent autopsy conducted past a forensic pathologist brought inward by attorneys for the family unit of Tyre Nichols constitute that Nichols died of “excessive haemorrhage caused by a severe beating”, according to family unit attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci.

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Tyre Nichols

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulory like a shot asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to investigate the “utilisation of strength” by officers during Nichols’ arrest.

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The National Civil Rights Museum also emphasized what they called the civil rights issues surrounding Nichols’ death.

The National Civil Rights Museum mourns some other tragedy inwards the expiry of Tyre Nichols. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family fighting for justice inward his killing. A killing spell in police force custody. A traffic stop that resulted inward his death. We telephone call for justice for Tyre Nichols. We phone call for continued immediacy inwards gathering the facts in addition toprove inwards Tyre Nichols’ expiry. We phone call for criminal accountability of the law officers who ended his life. We applaud Police Chief Cerelyn Davis for taking “immediate and appropriate activity” inward firing the v officers defendant inward the killing. We encourage Chief Davis to determine the best approach to assess past times actions together with history of all individual law officers for demeanor that may contribute to futurity deadly excessive force. The decease of Tyre Nichols is a civil rights issue. As itshould be, the case is at present both a criminal as well as civil rights investigation. Our hearts stay heavy that some other Black life has tragically ended. As a community, nosotros cannot remain silent. We must seek justice for Tyre Nichols. For him. For his family unit. And for all who telephone call Memphis domicile.

Additionally, the United States Attorney’s Office, the FBI Memphis Field Office in addition to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice opened a civil rights investigation into Nichols’ arrest, deathand the actions of those officers.


All v of the quondam Memphis Police officers who were involved inward the expiry of Tyre Nichols have got been charged with two counts of official misconduct, 1 count of official oppression, one count of 2nd-level murder, 1 count of aggravated attack and ii counts of aggravated kidnapping, court records showed on January 26.

Those five officers involved inwards that usage-of-force arrest have been fired afteran internal job investigation past the Memphis Police Department on Fri, Jan. 20.

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Five Memphis Police officers were fired due to the “confrontations” that led upward to the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols. Five Memphis Police officers were fired due to the “confrontations” that led upward to the arrest in addition to death of Tyre Nichols.

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Those officers are Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. together with Justin Smith.

In a argument, MPD said those officers violated multiple section policies, including excessive utilization of force, duty to intervene too duty to return assistance.

“The Memphis Police Department is committed to protecting in addition to defending the rights of every citizen in our metropolis,” MPD said inwards aargument. “The egregious nature of this incident is non a reflection of the good work that our officers perform, with integrity, every 24-hour interval.”

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, retained by the family of Nichols’, called the firing of the officers the offset steps toward justice.

We join Tyre’s family in supporting the Department’s conclusion to terminate the v officers who brutalized him, ultimately causing his decease. This is the outset stride towards achieving justice for Tyre andhis family. They must also be held accountable for robbing this human of his life as well as his son of a male parent. In the coming days, nosotros volition review the video footage from this fierce attack … providing the family in addition to community more than clarity into what led to the loss of this fellow, male parent, too son. We volition proceed to demand transparency and accountability inward this case, and will non halt until we achieve full justice for Tyre together with his family.”

FOX13 learned that Haley had previously beenaccused of beating an inmate at the penal farm.

That inmate claimed that Haley in addition to another officer strip-searched him in addition to beat him until he was unconscious.

That lawsuit was later on dropped.

WATCH: What nosotros know about the officers fired after the death of Tyre Nichols WATCH: What nosotros know almost the officers fired after the expiry of Tyre Nichols

In a pre-recorded video argument past Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis, the law master said“these officers were constitute to live directly responsible for the physical abuse of Mr. Nichols”.

Davis also said that other officers were existence investigated inward connectedness to the confrontation with Nichols.

FOX13 requested an interview with Davis.

The Memphis Police Department denied that request, proverb “At this point, nosotros are not conducting whatsoever interviews. All statements in addition to data will be released via our social media platforms.”


In the time betwixt Nichols’ death too the firing of those officers, family as well as supporters of Nichols’ called for the free of torso cam video from the twenty-four hours of those “confrontations.”

Tyre Nichols Protest Family together with supporters of Tyre Nichols assemble inwards protestation. Nichols died days after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began investigating the “usage of forcefulness” used during his arrest by Memphis Police. (WHBQ)

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WATCH: Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland speaks almost the expiry of Tyre Nichols WATCH: Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland speaks near the decease of Tyre Nichols

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis too Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy all promised to release that video after officials held a private viewing of the footage with Nichols’ family unit too Crump.

However, on Mon, Jan. 23, the timeline for the unloose of that video became a flake murkier.

The Memphis Police Department issued a argument maxim that they met with Nichols’ family unit to “facilitate the viewing of video recordings.”.

But, patch fully cooperating with investigations into the video, Davis said that releasing the video as well soon could jeopardize those ongoing investigations.

“The Memphis Police Department is fully cooperating with the criminal investigationexistence conducted past the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in addition to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office. ‘Transparency remains a priority inwards this incident, together with the premature loose could adversely touch on the criminal investigation as well as the judicial process. We are working with the District Attorney’s Office to determine the appropriate fourth dimension to unloose video recording publicly,” said Chief Cerelyn Davis.

Shelby County DistrictAttorney Steve Mulroy issued a similar argument, proverb that the Nichols family unit has seen the video but that releasing the video publicly could hamper authorities’ investigation into those officers’ actions.

“Earlier today, nosotros met with the family unit of Tyre Nichols — who hold now seen the video. Transparency is a priority for the DA’s Office, too we sympathize the public’s want for immediate unloose,” Mulroy said inward a statement. “However, it’s important that the release does non compromisethe investigation. We’re working with the TBI and FBI to expedite that investigation and are consulting regularly with the City of Memphis virtually the video’s unloose, which we look will occur this week or next.”

WATCH: FOX13’s Valerie Calhoun talks with DA Steve Mulroy virtually the Tyre Nichols decease investigation WATCH: FOX13’s Valerie Calhoun talks with DA Steve Mulroy near the Tyre Nichols expiry investigation


Nichols’ funeral was on Jan. 17 at the thou.J. Edwards funeral dwelling inwards Orange Mound. Loved ones of Nichols’ again called for answers in addition to justice during Nichols’ memorial.

“This could have been whatever of us,” said Nichols’ friend Angelia Paxton. “It really could have been whatsoever of us this time, because he was such an innocent mortal, he was such a calorie-free.”

Images of Tyre Nichols inward the infirmary days after his arrest sparked a call for the free of the officer’s torso cam video. Images of Tyre Nichols inwards the hospital days after his arrest sparked a call for the release of the officeholder’s body cam video.

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That private viewing took place Monday, January 23, after which Nichols’ family and Crump held a pressconference.

Rev. Al Sharpton volition deliver the eulogy for Tyre Nichols’ funeral on Feb. 1 inwards Memphis. The funeral volition have identify 10:xxx a.m. Feb. 1 at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church inwards Memphis.


At that press conference, attorney Ben Crump said that the Shelby County DA’s role, the TBI as well as the FBI all promised him that video of the incident would live released within 1-2 weeks.

Crump called the video appalling,horrible, heinous, tearing, disturbing together with “very troublesome on every flat.”

Crump in addition to the family unit declined to speak on some details in the case inwards lodge to ensure justice.

WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family unit shares memories of his life, passion WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family shares memories of his life, passion

Attorneys said that Nichols was tased, pepper-sprayed, handcuffed in addition to kicked in addition to that there were “multiple uses of force” against him byofficers who were clearly Memphis Police officers.

“We’re seeing testify of what happens to Black in addition to chocolate-brown people from uncomplicated traffic stops. You should non be killed from a elementary traffic stop,” Crump said.

“We have got to make certain that at that place’s justice for Tyre thus that nosotros can forestall this from e’er happening once more,” Crump said. “We don’t wishing to see some other video of a Black mortal losing their life because of a traffic violation.”

WATCH: FOX13’s Dakarai Turner talksto Ben Crump nearly the Tyre Nichols expiry investigation WATCH: FOX13’s Dakarai Turner talks to Ben Crump about the Tyre Nichols decease investigation

Crump went on to say that Police Chief Davis was rattling emotional when talking to Tyre Nichols’ female parent together with described the conversation equally ii mothers speaking rather than a law primary speaking to a citizen.

“She said she was non proud of what we were nigh to reckon,” said Crump in reference to the video of Nichols’arrest.

“What we saw, it reminded us of the Rodney King video,” Crump said. “And, dissimilar Rodney Kind, Tyre didn’t hold up. And, we are hither to need justice for Tyre.”

Another attorney for Nichols’ family unit, Antonio Romanucci, spoke to what was on the video of the confrontation betwixt officers and Nichols, calling it a savage beating.

“He was a human pinata for those police force officers… It was a nonstop beating of this young boy for 3 minutes. That is what we saw inwards thatvideo. Not entirely was it tearing. It was savage,” Romanucci said. “We are here to say to y’all, thence assist me God, when is this going to stop?”

Romanucci encouraged people to have patience with Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy’s office in regard to the liberate of that video together with said that he left a recent coming together with Mulroy feeling “encouraged”.

WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family speaks out after watching video confrontation with MPD officers WATCH: TyreNichols’ family speaks out after watching video confrontation with MPD officers

President of the Memphis Chapter of the NAACP Van Turner echoed the importance of the “8 Can’t-Wait” policies which ban chokeholds, require constabulary officers to return help together with require officers to intervene and use de-escalate tactics, amongst other things. Turner and then led the crowd inward a chant of “Tyre Memphis”. Those chants were followed by a chorus ” We will reckon what they did to Tyre,” led byattorney Crump.

Rodney Wells, Tyre Nichols’ stepfather, asked that whatever protests inwards Tyre’s honour live peaceful, proverb that is what Tyre would wish.

“No male parent, no mother should have to reckon what I saw,” Wells said. “It’s hard for me to acquire upward here in addition to speak to you lot all after having viewed what I viewed.”

WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family unit pushes for murder charges against fired MPD officers WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family unit pushes for murder charges against fired MPDofficers

Wells so spoke of who Tyre Nichols was as a soul, maxim how hard he worked at FedEx, and how much he loved skateboarding too taking pictures.

“My boy didn’t deserve what he got. My boy deserves justice,” Wells said.

Finally, Tyre Nichols’ female parent, RowVaughn Wells took the podium.

WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ parents call back boy and life he left behind WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ parents call up son together with life he left behind

“This is so difficult for me to even fathom correct at present because this doesn’t seem real to me right at present… All I know is that my son Tyre isn’t hither anymore. He’ll never walk through that door again. He’ll never walk in in addition to say ‘Hello parents!’ over again. I’ll never take heed that again. All my boy was trying to do was come abode. He was two minutes from the theatre when they stopped him. He was less than lxxx yards away when they murdered him. Yes, I said murdered because when I walked into that infirmaryroom my boy was already dead. The hospitals, they position him on a breathing machine simply for my satisfaction, I approximate. But, my boy died on Jan 7. The doctors pulled the plug on Jan 10,” said RowVaughn Wells.

Crump said that the final words of the video were Tyre Nichols calling for his female parent iii times.

Also on Monday, the Memphis Fire Department confirmed that 2 personnel involved in taking attention of Nichols were relieved of their duties concluding week every bit the department wasconducting an internal investigation.

WATCH: Van Turner, president of NAACP Memphis branch, speaks nearly Tyre Nichols’ expiry WATCH: Van Turner, president of NAACP Memphis branch, speaks about Tyre Nichols’ expiry