George Lopez Pays Tribute To Enkyboys Dad Every Bit Gofundme Flooded By Tiktok Fans

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  • Updated: 6:33, 27 Jan 2023

GEORGE Lopez has paid tribute to Randy Gonzalez, ane-one-half of the TikTok duo Enkyboys later he reportedly died on Midweek.

Randy together with his boy Brice created viral videos on social media as well as Brice also stars inward the NBC Sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez withthe comedian.

Randy passed away inwards hospice later on battling stage four colon cancer, TMZ reported.

George took toInstagram to honor his TV boy’s real-life father, writing wrote alongside a photo of the father-son duo: “My sincerest condolences to Brice in addition to the entire Gonzalez family.

“The love together with the bond Randy had for his son too his family unit was undeniable, y’all tin see it in every video.

“He will be missed, but never forgotten. My heart goes out to theentire family. Dios te bendiga.”

Read our Randy Gonzalez web log for the latest updates…

  • Father of three

    Randy Gonzalez is survived past his married woman, Kimberly.

    He also leaves behind his iii children, Aubree, Brice, too Lauren.

  • Randy was ‘lost’ later his diagnosis

    When the TikToker announced to his fans that he had stage-iv colon cancer, he said that he was “lost” when the doc told him he had 2 to three years to alive.

    Randy recalled that the physician had said: “‘Regardless what you do, you lot’re a dead man.’”

    “When he told me that, I was lost,” the star told ABC13 last Apr.

    Randy said that he had suffered abdominal hurting for years, but it wasn’t diagnosed as colon cancer until his colonoscopy because “they didn’t know what it was.”

    “They merely kept on saying it was ulcers or my gallbladder. They never said anything near colon cancer until I got my colonoscopy.”

  • Randy wanted to raise awareness with fundraiser

    On his GoFundMe page, Randy Gonzalez wrote that he started the fundraiser to “help me to pay for my treatment at MDAnderson in addition to to take awareness for Colon Cancer to all young men who are not familiar with it.”

    The TikTokeradded: F”or all who may not know it runs inwards their family or for those who may have mutated it similar myself!

    “Thank you lot all for the love and support, without y’all nosotros couldn’t live the Enkyboys.”

    He concluded his message: “F CANCER!”

  • Fans are heartbroken

    TikTok users together with fans of the Enkyboys are taking to Twitter to express their heartbreak over the dad’s decease.

    “A nifty male parent tohis son, slap-up human existence,” 1 fan wrote.

    “Rest Easy to 1 half of @enkyboys y’all will live missed.”

    I can’t believe the dad from Enkyboys passed away, and so freaking sad 😞

    — PAMELA🍒 (@pamgeezy_) January 25, 2023

  • Randy’s concludingupdate

    The second to terminal video posted on the Enkyboys’ TikTok business relationship is an update from the Gonzalez family unit, where Randy admitted that his chemotherapy design “wasn’t working.”

    In the footage, the father explained that they hadn’t posted consistently because Randy was feeling “sick all the fourth dimension.”

  • Randy’s boy Brice is an histrion

    Outside of being known as a TikTok star, Randy‘s boy Brice isalso an histrion.

    While he mightiness live inward the early stages of his career, he has already landed a use on a major NBC sitcom.

    In 2022, he debuted equally Chance inward the comedy serial Lopez vs Lopez, which stars stand up-up comedian in addition to player George Lopez.

    Brice’s grapheme is the boy of Mayan Lopez’s Mayan too Matt Shively’s Quinten, according to Just Jared Jr.

    He volition also have roles inwards the upcoming film Flamin’ Hot as well as the BET serial Real Husbands of Hollywood.

    Lopezvs Lopez tin can be watched alive on NBC Fri nights starting at 8pm EST too streamed the adjacent 24-hour interval on Peacock.

  • Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most mutual cancer diagnosis inward US

    According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime hazard of acquiring colon cancer is 1 inwards 23 for males (4.3per centum) together with 1 in 25 for women (4 percentage), Newsweek shared.

    Colorectal—colon as well as rectal—cancer is the tertiary commonest cancer diagnosed inwards the United States of America.

    One inward v people with colorectal cancer are betwixt the ages of 20 as well as 54, according to the Colon Cancer Coalition.

    Additionally, they forecast that by 2030, coloncancer volition outnumber all other cancers in price of the issue of deaths among those under the historic period of 50.

  • Who are the Enkyboys?

    The Enkyboys featured the male parent-son duo, Randy together with Brice.

    They filmed fun clips on TikTok and also used the social media platform to spread awareness of colon cancer.

    Their Enkyboys feed is made upward of hilarious skits and music-related content.

    Hiswife Kimberly too Randy’s daughters also sometimes feature inward the videos.

  • More on Randy Gonzalez’s children

    Gonzalez was a father of 3 to son Brice, and daughters Lauren too Aubree.

    All the kids have starred inward the Enkyboys videos.

    Brice has appeared inwards NBC’s Lopez vs Lopez.

  • Was Randy Gonzalezmarried?

    Yes, Randy Gonzalez has been married to Kimberly Gonzales since 2018.

    Gonzalez has credited his married woman for the amazing back up she provided as they sought medical treatment for his colon cancer.

    During one of the Enkyboys’ clips, Gonzalez said: “How I figured it out, I was having problems with my upper abdomen, too I was e’er inward pain.

    “Luckily my married woman told me to become get a colonoscopy because I was merely gonna acquire and EGD to my pharynx because they thought itwas an ulcer or something.”

  • Risk factors for colon cancer

    Randy Gonzalez urged his followers to get regular screenings to catch colon cancer before he passed away from the illness.

    The rising of colon cancer inward immature people has made doctors too the general public more aware of prevention measures.

    Risk factors that can contribute to an increased likelihood of colon cancer include obesity,physical activity, as well as smoking, according to the National Cancer Institute.

    Other factors that doctors are linking to colon cancer are exposure to air and water pollution, chemicals in soil as well as nutrient, too pesticide utilization.

  • Can young adults acquire colon cancer?

    Randy Gonzalez passed away inwards hospice after battling stage four colon cancer at only 34 years sometime.

    Even though colonoscopies are non recommended until the historic period of 45, colorectal cancer is a leading crusade of cancer death for those nether the historic period of 50, according to theNational Cancer Institute.

    Colorectal cancer has been rising steadily amidst adults inward this age grouping since the 1990s.

    The medical community has not been able to place the cause of this ascension but at that place are known potential risk factors to live aware of.

    Geneticstin can contribute to an private’s risk of developing colon cancer but doctors have got deduced surround is a more prominent risk component.

  • The Enkyboys advocated for colon screenings

    After Randy Gonzalez’s cancer diagnosis, the Enkyboys began using their platform on TikTok to advocate for regular screenings.

    The male parent-son duo posted avideo in May 2022 encouraging their followers to get screened for colon cancer.

    Randy said in the video, “if you’re 20, 30, or xl years one-time go screened, get get checked if you lot have whatever abdominal hurting.”

    His son Brice added, “don’t give up because God is with y’all all the fourth dimension.”

  • Randy’s diagnosis

    Randy Gonzalez was open with his fans on TikTok nigh his cancer diagnosis.

    He kickoff opened up about his cancer in April 2022, announcing to his fans that he was given 2-3 years to live.

    In early Dec, Randy took to TikTok to give his fans an update on his wellness.

    He announced the chemotherapy was non working but he was feeling positive together with staying strong.

  • Randy’s brother speaks out

    Randy Gonzalez’s blood brother has spoken out well-nigh his death on Instagram.

    He wrote under a photo of them, “My blood brother may you Rest InPeace I love y’all e’er in addition to forever.”

    The comment department is full of love as well as support.

    One comment read, “Man I’thousand lost for words bro my condolences to yous together with your family unit ever inward our prayers.”

    Another added, “Rest inward Peace, Randy. Lots of love to Brice, his siblings together with mum.”

  • Randy wanted to raise awareness with fundraiser

    On his GoFundMe page, Randy Gonzalez wrotethat he started the fundraiser to “help me to pay for my treatment at MDAnderson and to bring awareness for Colon Cancer to all immature men who are non familiar with it.”

    The TikToker added: F”or all who may non know it runs inward their family unit or for those who may have mutated it like myself!

    “Thank you all for the love together with back up, without y’all wecouldn’t live the Enkyboys.”

    He concluded his message: “F CANCER!”

  • Brice Gonzalez on Lopez vs Lopez

    Brice Gonzalez, i-half of the viral TikTok sensation Enkyboys, has a use George Lopez’s novel TV serial.

    “I’k inward California because I’thousand doing a demo with George Lopez,” Brice said inward a video. He was holding back his tears because he was missing his parents at the time.

    He said that he wasspending 2 weeks with his grandmother in California piece his parents were in Texas for Randy’s chemotherapy.

  • Randy as well as Brice spread awareness

    In addition to using their social media presence to enhance awareness about colon cancer, Randy as well as his boy Brice also benefitedgreatly from their endearing male parent-and-boy relationship.

    In November, Randy provided his followers with some other update, explaining everything he had been through inwards simply a few months, with the intention of being someone for others to follow in a year, “when I vanquish it.”

  • Randy experienced hurting earlier diagnosis

    Gonzalez also shared that he discovered he had colon cancer when he was experiencing hurting inwards his upper abdomen, his wife suggested he acquire a colonoscopy.

    A classify user wrote:

    “The @enkyboys are ane of the funniest things to EVER hit the internet. This is thedad: he is fighting colon cancer.”

  • Randy died Wed forenoon

    Randy Gonzalez sadly died yesterday morning time following a battle with cancer.

    The 35-yr-former was known as the male parent inwards Enkyboys, a pop TikTok duo.

    He initially told his fans most his diagnosis inwards Apr together with provided updates throughout his fight.

  • Fans donated to GoFundMe page

    Since the TikTok content creator revealed his cancer diagnosis many of his followers hold taken to social media to demonstrate their support.

    On Twitter, many fans are sharing Gonzalez’s GoFundMe page where he is hoping to heighten coin for his medical expenses.

    One user wrote: “Colon Cancer Awarness For Young Men The wonderful Father in addition to Son from TikTok @enkyboys demand our prayers too support. Father Randy is battlingcolon cancer. Please assist this beautiful family. Sending prayers 🙏 ❤”

  • Colon cancer intelligence broken inward April

    In Apr, Randy told his followers that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and given a prognosis of 2 to 3 years to alive.

    He said that chemotherapy might add together some other v years to his lifespan.

    The internet sensation started a GoFundMe to heighten money for his medicalexpenses after claiming to hold been turned downward past a University of Texas cancer hospital because they wouldn’t take his insurance, according to TMZ.

  • Randy Gonzalez on his diagnosis

    The TikTok star took to his account on April fourteen, 2022, to divulge word almost his wellness.

    Gonzalez shared with his followers that he had been diagnosed with phase iv colon cancer six months ago.

    “I got an declaration to make, too it’s non practiced,” Gonzalez said at the start of the video.

    “Six months agone, I don’t even know how to say this, but half-dozen months agone I got diagnosed with phase 4 cancer, colon cancer.

    “I kept it tomyself, together with I felt like it was selfish, because I didn’t desire to say everybody my business because it was personal. But I feel similar I can usage my state of affairs to give awareness for young men similar myself,” he said.

  • Tributes pour in online

    Tributes have got continued to pour inward for the star online, with one fan tweeting: “Damn Randy Gonzalez volition be missed!”

    Another said: “This is heartbreaking I am literallycrying because he loved his dad and then much.”

    A tertiary fan added: “RIP to Randy Gonzalez, the father of the rattling pop Tiktok duo Enkyboys subsequently his battle with cancer for a twelvemonth.

    “The male parent son videos during Covid and Trump protests were a source of entertainment for us, particularly his talented boy.”

    “Rip I pray god gives your family unit the forcefulness to acquire through this difficult fourth dimension,” a dissimilar fan said.

    “Thank y’all for all the laughs with the videos of y’all as well as yourfamily unit.

    “Those are the memories that will live forever.”

  • ‘Like a gut punch’

    Fans are mourning the decease of Randy Gonzalez on social media.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “Hearing that Randy from Enkyboys passed wassimilar a gut punch.”

    “I’k glad he got to witness his family unit’s success and got his boy where he said he would. True male monarch”

    Another posted: “The decease of the Dad inwards#Enkyboys was really painful for me. May God sentinel over his beautiful family”