Horrific Details Revealed In Opening Of Murder Case Against Southward Carolina Attorney Alex Murdaugh

Prosecutors as well as defense attorneys set out their opening arguments in the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina attorney who is defendant of killing his married woman as well as youngest boy, with both sides describing a gruesome scene where the two were plant dead.

Creighton Waters, the province’s atomic number 82 prosecutor inwards the example, alleged in hisopening statement Murdaugh, 64, killed Margaret in addition to Paul Murdaugh at shut range amongst guns that belonged to the family unit.

“It’s going to be gruesome,” Waters told the jury, adding the details of Margaret in addition to Paul’s injuries volition live tough to hear. He added the two did not have any defensive wounds, “equally if they didn’t meet a threat coming from their assailant.”

Alex Murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh listens during opening statements in his double murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse inwards Walterboro, S.C,Wednesday, January. 25, 2023. Grace Beahm Alford / The State via AP

Waters said Paul Murdaugh, 22, was shot in the breast, shoulder and caput alongside buckshot loads from a 12-gauge shotgun, causing “devastating impairment” to his body.

Margaret Murdaugh, 52, was shot amongst a rifle too had gunshot wounds to her leg, abdomen and head, Waters said.

“Pow! Pow! Two shots inward the leg that pose her down,” Waters said. “After that at that place were additionalshots.”

Authorities institute Margaret in addition to Paul Murdaugh shot to decease on their family unit’s property virtually 65 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2021 subsequently Murdaugh called 911.

He was charged with ii counts of murder too 2 counts of possession of a weapon in July 2022. He haspleaded non guilty to the charges.

Murdaugh’s attorney, Dick Harpootlian, as well revealed horrific details nigh the province of the victims’ bodies inward his opening declaration.

Harpootlian described the minute Murdaugh plant his own son “laying inwards his ain blood with his brain lying at his feet,” leading Murdaugh to suspension down in tears inwards the courtroom.

Alex Murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh becomes emotional subsequently seeing his family unit inwards the courtroom every bit opening statements get down in his double murder trial atthe Colleton County Courthouse inwards Walterboro, S.C, Midweek, January. 25, 2023.Grace Beahm Alford / The State via AP

Murdaugh’s attorney told jurors Murdaugh was “hysterical too inwards grief,” as he called 911, in addition to alleged in that location were holes inwards the prosecution’s case, including that there was no blood on Murdaugh when police force arrived on the scene.

“You would be covered inward blood from caput to foot,” Harpootlian said. “Head to pes.”

Harpootlian arguedconstabulary speedily decided Murdaugh was guilty soon afterward arriving on the scene, as well as didn’t bother to search for other suspects.

“He didn’t do it. He didn’t butcher his son as well as married woman,” Harpootlian told jurors. “And you lot need to lay from your listen whatsoever proffer he did.”

Murdaugh’s surviving boy, Buster Murdaugh, was inwards the courtroom for the opening statements. Murdaugh shared several looks alongside his son throughout the mean solar day, together with at ane point appeared to say him, “I honey you,” according toNBC reporters inward the courtroom.

Murdaugh is facing dozens of other fraud together with money laundering charges, alleging he stole nearly $8.5 million from clients at his law business firm too other people shut to his family unit, like his sometime housekeeper, according to theSouth Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

Murdaugh has also been charged alongside lying to authorities inward a botched murder-for-hire plot inwards which he allegedly asked some other homo to kill him because wanted to give his son Buster a $10 meg insurance payout.

The charges, which total more than 80 counts, stand for a stunning downfall for Murdaugh, who comes from a long delineate of powerful lawyers inwards South Carolina’s lowcountry. Murdaugh’s male parent,grandfather as well as not bad-granddaddy accept all held positions every bit exceed prosecutors in the southern portion of the province.