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Randy Gonzalez, Dad Of TikTok Duo Enkyboys, Dies Of Colon Cancer At 35

TikToker Randy Gonzalez, 1/2 of the popular male parent-son duo Enkyboys, has died.

According to reports, Randy Gonzalez succumbed to his battle alongside colon cancer on Midweek morning time (January. 25) while inwards hospice.

Randy Gonzalez

Last April, Randy Gonzalez broke the unfortunate word near his abrupt struggle with the affliction, detailing the 3-year lifespan he’d been given at the fourth dimension of his half dozen-monthdiagnosis.

The Texas-based content creator said:

“I [have got an] annunciation to construct, too it’s non adept. Six months ago–I don’t fifty-fifty know how to say this–but vi months agone, I got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Colon cancer.”

He continued,

“I kept it to myself, together with I felt similar it was selfish because I didn’t desire to tell everybody my business organization because it was personal. But I experience like I can employment my state of affairs, y’all know, to giveawareness for young men, like myself, because I’m alone thirty-four. And they said it’s rattling rare for a young guy, similar myself, to grab colon cancer. So, I desire to do awareness. But that will respond a lot of y’all’s questions [virtually] why I lost a lot of weight in such a lilliputian time.”

Gonzalez and so reflected on the mental country he was in subsequently learning most the life-altering illness.

“They diagnosed me alongside colon cancer, andthe doc said I had ii to 3 years to alive. And he said, with chemo, I’ll have got v years to alive. And, yous know, I didn’t know how to have it. You know, it was devastating.”

Following the proclamation, this yesteryear Dec, Gonzalez provided hissupporters with an update, where he explained that his chemotherapy treatments weren’t working properly.

“A lot of people asking how am I doing as well as how my treatments going. It’s going skillful; except, I have to modify my chemo because it’s not workingcorrect right away, but I do experience proficient.”

RandyGonzalez amongst his wife, Kimberly, and 3 children: Aubree, Lauren, and Brice

The Enkyboys comprised Gonzalez in addition to his boy, Brice, who famously rose to prominence on TikTok. Together, the iconic duad garnered over fifteen million followers on the curt-form video platform. They were most known for theirhilarious reenactments of voiceovers from classic motion-picture show scenes in addition to viral songs.

Prior to the 35-twelvemonth-onetime’s passing, petty Brice landed a spot on NBC’s ‘Lopez vs. Lopez.’

Our deepest thoughts together with prayers become out to the family and friends of Randy Gonzalez.

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