Tyre Nichols Autopsy Results Confirm ‘Severe Beating’ Past Memphis P

The results from an independent preliminary autopsy performed on Tyre Nichols were consistent with claims thatthe Black motorist died from injuries he sustained during a “severe beating” from police force officers inwards Memphis before this month, his family’s attorneys said Tuesday.

Confirming suspicions, the autopsy results were released past attorneys representing the family of Nichols, who died on Jan. 10, more than than two days after he was pulled over for a traffic stop together with afterward beaten by the officers.

Civil rights as well as personal injury attorneys Ben Crump as well as Antonio Romanucci emailed astatement to NewsOne near the autopsy findings:

On January 23, 2023, our legal team had its ain independent autopsy performed on the trunk of Tyre Nichols by a highly regarded, nationally renowned forensic pathologist. We tin can land that preliminary findings bespeak Tyre suffered extensive bleeding caused past a severe beating, in addition to that his observed injuries are consistent amongst what the family in addition to attorneys witnessed on the video of his fatal run into alongside police force on January seven, 2023.Further details and findings from this independent written report will live disclosed at another time.

The autopsy findings came ane twenty-four hours after it was reported that ii Memphis firefighters hold been “relieved of duty” for their roles during Nichols’ traffic halt on Jan. 7, suggesting the investigation into the brutality is widening inward range.

Tyre Nichols Family Holds Press Conference

The proclamation of the firefighters being removed from their jobs came hours after Nichols’ family unit together with their attorneys on Monday viewed the police force bodycam footage next the traffic stop for suspicion of reckless driving.

Notably, Nichols’ female parent said the video is prove that the Memphis Police Department “murdered” her boy.

Crump said the officers treated Nichols similar “a human piñata” in addition to comparedthe law violence to the infamous Rodney King beating inward 1991.

“Regrettably, it reminded us of (the) Rodney King video,” Crump told reporters on Monday. “Regrettably, dissimilar Rodney King, Tyre didn’t hold out.”

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) has pledged transparency and swiftly fired the five officers involved.MPD said “a confrontation occurred” during the traffic stop when officers approached Nichols, who “fled on human foot.” A second unspecified “confrontation” occurred when MPD tried to have Nichols into custody, law said.

“Afterward, the suspect complained of having a shortness of breath, at which time an ambulance was called to the scene. The suspect wastransported to St. Francis Hospital in critical status,” MPD said inward a press free admitting the officers “violated multiple departmental policies, including excessive usage of force, duty to intervene, together with duty to render help.”

All 5 constabulary officers involved are Black males, showing exactly how the colour of a cop’s skin tin can have no bearing on their power to uphold and carry out tenets of white supremacy that and thenoften permeate law enforcement inwards the U.south.


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